So many months without competing and with the uncertainty of not knowing when the races will be able to resume are hard. As athletes, you need to have goals in order to maintain motivation and the desire to train.

For this reason, on February 28, we organized a relay Duathlon in Fornells de la Selva (next to Girona). It consisted of 2.5km running, 12km cycling and 1km running to finish. In teams of 3, each member had to complete these distances and hand over to the next partner.

Both members of the adult group and the seniors from the triathlon school took off. Therefore, we met with mixed teams of very different ages, which motivated and united the group even more.

We were lucky to have the presence of Erika Kawas (@erikawasphotography on Instagram) who took some impressive photographs (like the one on the cover) and Marc Sabrià (@fotomarcgirona on Instagram) who took us make the gorgeous video you can see below.

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